Berber Nomad: A Kasbah at the Anti-Atlas Nkob Village

Nkob, The Anti-Atlas village with the 45 kasbahs, the village with the “45 kasbahs” is located on the road connecting the Drâa valley and the Ziz valley. Nkob, takes its name from a cave called N’Akb which used to serve as a stage lodging for the nomads belonging to the great confederation of the Ait Atta tribes.

According to some choice of hiking in the djebel Saghro and the canyons of Jebel Amoum, it could be a point of departure or arrival. The imposing restored and maintained Kasbahs of Nkob give this village an undeniable charm, planted there in a lunar setting.

The oasis, plots of crops and many date palms, contributes to the quality of the place. Come to stroll there at dawn is an appreciable moment all around…

Activities Around Nkob Village

ACTIVITIES AROUND N’KOB Enjoy a walk in the Nkob village and discover the old town with the 45 kasbahs and the Oasis and the underground canals for the irrigation system .  Possible to have tea with locals family and visit and old kasbah. Or make Hanna tattoo ….

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Berber Nomad Restaurant

From the kitchen “homemade” or by neighboring craftsmen

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Romantic Stay at Berber Nomad

Romantic Stay at the atlas Mountains Nkob Village

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