Activities Around Nkob Village


Enjoy a walk in the Nkob village and discover the old town with the 45 kasbahs and the Oasis and the underground canals for the irrigation system .  Possible to have tea with locals family and visit and old kasbah. Or make Hanna tattoo ….

Trekking in Saghro Mountain:

the massif is a privileged place for all nature lovers seeking sports crossings; on the other hand, it is very interesting by its geological aspects and by the cultural aspects of the region.

The trails to the Saghro Mountains are suitable for hikers. No alpinist qualification is necessary to follow these paths; the Jebel Saghro is in the totality of the type of medium mountain easily practicable by the hikers.

Djebel Saghro is a paradise for hikers! The beginning of our trek of Djebel Saghro is the village Ait Youl near Kalâat M’goun on the valley of Dadès.

Observers are fascinated by lucid and clear light, similar to that of the Côte d’Azur and many visitors are passionate about it. The almost absent vegetation cover gives direct access to a bare natural landscape appreciated by those interested in forms and reliefs from an immemorial geological age. Paleozoic minerals and fossils of great value are a specialty of Jebel Saghro.

Dejbel Saghro is a natural area dating back to the Precambrian period. Its age is between 230 million and 570 million years old. From this geological antiquity results a rich and attractive lithological diversity. Lovers of stone and fossil collections will find a difficult choice to meet elsewhere.

One day trip to aamoum mountains:

1400 m alt . Start from you hotel passing through the Oasis to attempt the djeble aamoum with a very nice panoramic view of the village and all the sorounding . About 5 h walk. Picnic in the top of the mountain.

A bicycle day tour around the village visiting different Oasis and little village at about 5/10 km far from the village . Lunch can be as a picnic or with a local family .

Discovering rock engravings between Ouarzazate and Zagora

Several hundred engravings, a majority of geometric drawings in finished stitching, without precise definition and teratimine (footprints). Some bovids …

In February 2009, we found that a new trail had been drawn. It passes through the site, several dozens of prints have disappeared. The engravings are now on either side of the track.

The Palaeolithic period, as evidenced by bifaces quartzite and sandstone of the Ordovician, is scattered everywhere. The Neolithic also, in the form of basalt or flint for axes, arrowheads and scrapers. Other archaeological sites exist such as the ruins of Talmakhtart or the ruins of an old Jewish ksar located in Achbarou, 8km east of Alnif. Aït Ouaazik, near Tazzarine, is a site of unique rock engravings. The engravings of this site are realized in a technique of Tazina style, characterized by a multitude of figurations of animals such as elephants, ostriches, rhinoceroses, giraffes, equidae, buffaloes …, a typical fauna of the steppes of the region to the Hunters’ time, around 5000 BC JC. Geometric shapes (spirals, circles with radius …), are also visible and would represent traps, according to the specialists.

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