Our Story

The Berber nomad Kasbah Guest House is a love story between the owners and the village of N’kob and its inhabitants. Ingi Gaide is a German visited Morocco since (2009 ). She worked and participated in a number of different work. After having hiked in Saghro Mountains, Ingi and Mohamed the owner of Morocco Sahara Adventures tours company diced to opened their own family house as a Guest House after having a great variety of experiences in the hospitality and events industry. The goal was to discover the Berber culture, their customs, norms, craftsmanship, and architecture.




The Berber nomad Kasbah is inspired by traditional Berber architecture. It was built on a part of the land and the house of Mohmed’s family house. Walls have been built with traditional and local materials (earth )to create adobe bricks. Local trees have been used to create ceilings (Eucalyptus, Atlas Cedar, and wild bamboos).
The terra-cotta tiles and the stones were locally custom-made in a neighboring village for Berber Nomad. The decoration is a mix of local craftsmanship such as rattan furniture, local antics (bride’s chest) or pottery, and a personal collection of 20th-century design furniture found in Morocco or from Family.



Our Kasbah

Berber Nomad Kasbah is a Guesthouse with a restaurant and 6 rooms and 2 terraces overview to Saghro mountains and the town of Nkob.

 A stay at Berber Nomad Kasbah is a memorable experience, for people seeking to spend a quiet stay in the middle of the silent Anti-Atlas Mountains, we formed a highly qualified staff, who will be at your entire disposal during your accommodation at the Kasbah. Built-in a Berber style KASBAH, which is mixing between modern and typical style, the interior design displays a central court with a fountain surrounded by an archway.

Located in a privileged environment inside the Berber village of Nkob palm grove, where our clients will enjoy magnificent views of the Atlas Mountains. It is peace and happiness to open your eyes in the morning on this ocher landscape. A good point for Rashid and his team who make every effort to welcome his guests, they fight to preserve their specificity and not to resemble the many hotels that mix with other places around. The Kasbah nomad has joined other establishments in the area.

Get in Touch with our team and they will take care about your request as soos as possible


Activities Around Berber Nomad Kasbah

Enjoy your Stay at Berber Nomad And explore the moroccan Berber culture

Nkob, The Anti-Atlas village with the 45 kasbahs, the village with the “45 kasbahs” is located on the road connecting the Drâa valley and the Ziz valley. Nkob, takes its name from a cave called N’Akb which used to serve as a stage lodging for the nomads belonging to the great confederation of the Ait Atta tribes.

According to some choice of hiking in the djebel Saghro and the canyons of Jebel Amoum, it could be a point of departure or arrival. The imposing restored and maintained Kasbahs of Nkob give this village an undeniable charm, planted there in a lunar setting.

The oasis, plots of crops, and many date palms contribute to the quality of the place. Come to stroll there at dawn is an appreciable moment all around…

Discover More

During your stay in Kasbah Berber Nomad, you can enjoy a Romantic moments full of relaxing in our terraces overlooking the palm oasis and the mountains of atlas, or in our patio near the swimming-pool. Here, you can enjoy a Moroccan mint tea, a fresh drinks or just enjoy a relaxing moments.

At the rhythm of the seasons, on the occasion of a marriage proposal, a wedding anniversary or a Valentine’s Day meeting, there are many reasons to share a symphony for the five senses.

To enjoy, we offer weekends or romantic holidays on one or more days, throughout the year. Upon your arrival, you will settle in one of our charming rooms, whose decoration is so well suited to the atmosphere of such a stay.